Bird House Designs and Plans

Bird House Designs and Plans

The Best Bird House Designs and Plans available today

Putting up bird houses is definitely a good idea, especially in areas where natural cover and their usual habitat has been destroyed due to the encroachment of human beings and human inhabitation.

Remember that different styles of bird houses are going to depend on the particular bird species you want to target for nesting in your wooden birdhouse constructions.

How do you build the ultimate bird house using premium designs and plans?

First of all you need to see if the area in which you want to place the bird house is favourable for a particular bird species. If you are looking to attract larger birds, but the entrance of the bird house is just large enough for sparrows, robins, wrens and bluebirds, you are not going to find Blue Jays or red cardinals nesting in your bird house.

So use a little bit of common sense and logic and then spend some time researching on the particular habitat which attracts your chosen species of birds. And then start creating that particular atmosphere and environment right in your backyard.

Here are some different types of bird  houses-

Letter Box  Type  Mounted Bird House
One of the most common and popular type of bird houses found out there, a letter box  type of bird house is normally placed high up on tree trunks, wooden or metal poles. This bird house has a hinged roof so that can open up the roof and clean it when necessary.

Hanging Bird House
Do you have an old tree in your backyard or in your garden? All you have to do is hang a birdhouse on some of its sturdy branches with the help of a chain. You do not need to spend lots and lots of money making a very expensive and stylish bird house. You are going to be surprised to know that an empty coconut shell is also a very popular natural hanging birdhouse idea commonly used in the East.

In fact, any sort of sturdy wooden or wicker box with a small opening on the top – the entrance – can be used as a hanging bird house. Do not use metal for any sort of bird house

Bird house with Open Extension-

You may want to attach your birdhouse’s floor to a sturdy plank. This is going to be the balcony portion of your birdhouse. You can always place plenty of food on that empty plank space. And if some bird decides that it really likes this lifestyle – food right at its doorstep, and a snug and cozy place in which to build its nest, there you are.
Some birds prefer open front entrances so that they can enter and exit their shelter easily.
If you want to buy a bird house, look for quality products with proper drainage facilities and ventilation, and roofs or back walls which can be removed easily.


There are a number of bird species who prefer to stay in your garden, eat, drink and then fly away to their nests in the shrubbery. You can hang a feeder for these species from a sturdy branch or just nail a plank on top of a wooden post. Hummingbirds like sweetened water. Other birds may like a mixture of seeds, grains, cereals, fruit, or any other natural plant product you want to feed them. Squirrels are also going to be attracted to feeders.

Do not paint your nest boxes, because paint consists of harmful material like creosote and other lead-based items. These are going to harm the birds.

Find the best bird house designs and plans available online. Protect your bird box from predators by coating the metal support pole with a mixture of red pepper and Vaseline. This will dissuade animals from trying to climb up the pole to get to the nesting bird family. Check out some blue bird house plan here.

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