Bird House Plan

Bird House Plan

Insects, canines, felines and rodents are some animal species which gravitate naturally towards human habitation. In the same manner, many bird species are also quite comfortable with the presence of human beings in their natural habitat.

We may have boxed off some areas calling those areas our own private gardens but for birds, those areas are desirable, safe, woody, leafy and excellent nesting places.

Besides this, number of bird species are very particular about their own territorial rights on an area. Human beings may be encroaching on that area, but humans do not nest in trees or in shrubs. So birds tolerate their presence in their own territory.

On the other hand, they are capable of fighting beak and claw with other bird species trying to trespass or intrude in their own particular mapped out territories.

Making the Best Bird house

Here are some points at which you would want to look, while making a good birdhouse.

You can welcome many species of birds into your backyard or into your garden by building the perfect bird house. But these bird houses should not be built too close together. You must have at least a quarter or even half an acre of space between birdhouses. It is only then that a smaller bird species going to feel secure in building its nest far away from another larger bird species.

Just imagine living in a house with bad drainage, a leaking roof and absolutely no ventilation. Imagine your house built of material which heats up in the summer and freezes in the winter. Now, figuratively, put yourself in the little bird’s “shoes.” It would much prefer a hole in the old oak tree, rather than inspecting and then moving into your state-of-the-art boxed in, badly ventilated birdhouse made up of metal and plastic.

So choose the best natural material to build this bird box. Let 4 to 5 inches of overhang be allowed on the sloping roof. Use wooden Austrian chalets and their roofs as an inspiration when you are designing a dream Suite for your friendly neighborhood Nutcracker. Proper drainage of the roof means a happy and dry content bird snug in its warm little nest, even when it is raining and pouring outside.

In the same manner, make sure that the bird box is properly ventilated with plenty of tiny holes drilled in between the wooden wall planks. The entrance should be near the top of the bird box built to allow just your guests to enter and exit. A bigger entrance hole can leave them vulnerable to predators.

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The entrance of the bird box should be away from wind, snow and direct sunlight. You can place these bird boxes in the shade, if you are living in an area where the temperature rises really high during the daytime.

So now that you know what makes a good birdhouse, get a good plan and a weekend ready!